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How to Make a Messaging App in 10 Steps A Complete Guide

more, your developers can enhance this functionality with voice and video
messages. All these features help to make your application user-friendly and
enjoyable for people. Users download different messaging applications for remote communication. Once the design process is complete, it is essential to perform product usability testing. This quality assurance method requires putting the development project through virtual scenarios that simulate how an end user would interact with the messaging app. If you’re looking to develop a secure messaging app, the first step is to come up with an idea.

How to make a Messaging Application

This is where I would expect you to take notes on technology selection. Secret’s team quickly ended up rejecting Layer as a possibility, as they couldn’t iterate or customize it enough. Even with simpler optimizations, you should be able to handle 1 Million users with a single server. I have used NodeJS here because, right out of the box it can handle 100,000 concurrent users on a single core of your server.

How to Create a Messaging App Like WhatsApp For Free – An Expert’s Guide

Therefore, make sure that your messaging app supports different app attachments. Ensuring a seamless user experience across various platforms and devices is challenging. Your app should be optimized for different screen https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ sizes and operating systems to ensure users have a consistent experience across all device offerings. Technical debt doesn’t happens in isolation, more often it is triggered by the lack of front end documentation.

How to make a Messaging Application

You will learn about key features, messaging app technology stack, and
successful Softermii’s cases like
Polyfish and
Tiddle. In addition, you will become
familiar with the challenges you may face during the development of your
messaging app project. Stickers are an often overlooked aspect of a secure chat app design, but they can play an important role in providing an engaging experience for users. Stickers are fun visuals that can be used to add context and emotion to conversations which helps create more meaningful interactions between members in the chat room.


You can even capture the moments using a built-in camera and instantly send to people even if you have a weak internet connection. Moreover, the app also facilitates sending PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, and more, eliminating the need for sharing files via email or other file sharing apps. The UX of your app can make or break the success of your application. The User Experience of your app is a big factor that significantly impacts the usability, installation rate, and customer review. WhatsApp had an intuitive and interactive UX, which prompted the users to do what the company actually wanted – texting like there is no tomorrow.

These features are not required from the start as they can ramp up the cost to build a chat app. But they definitely enhance the instant messaging app experience, so note them for the future. Now that you know how to make a messaging app and which features to include, it is time to move on to another important aspect of app development – multi platform messenger cost. The first step for you is to decide whether you want to create a native app or one that is hybrid. It might seem like a great idea to create a hybrid solution, but, in reality, it is far from that. Native applications provide flawless performance and a better user experience, and allow for the addition of sophisticated features.

What is instant messaging?

The quality of video and audio should be able to change as the call goes in case the Internet speed decreases. The access to the contact book isn’t necessary if the messaging app doesn’t provide for registration via phone number. In this case, you can allow users searching for their friends and relatives by various parameters like login, email, and others.

How to make a Messaging Application

The 3-5 month of development corresponds to $30,000 – $50,000 for one platform (iOS or Android). At this cost, usually, you receive a team of 4-6 specialists like iOS/ Android developer, Backend developer, QA engineer, Project manager, Designer. Any software development consists of special services like UX/UI design, Architecture planning, iOS development, Android development, Backend development, Quality Assurance, etc. To make your app work, it should first be well packed and built. Think of existing apps and find case studies that will help to define the tech stack best working for your project. Before Microsoft purchased Skype, the product used C++ for the back-end in Debian servers.

How to Make a Secure Messaging App With the Best Feature Set

The performance of the messenger will be native, but you will save tons of time and money choosing React Native over the native development. Telegram entered the market offering the safest communication channel. It granted that no one could interfere in your messages preventing potential eavesdropping. When people start questioning their personal data usage, the demand for such safe messengers rose quickly and Telegram took the spot.

At a minimum, all data will need to be encrypted in transit and at rest. True end-to-end encryption, while not always officially required, is a good idea. Ideally, features and updates should be developed in parallel to avoid unnecessary dependencies, where a problem with one feature breaks another. One way to achieve parallel development is to build or integrate a unified API back end, with which each individual component communicates.

Slack App Features That Will Make Your Corporate Messaging App Stand Out From

That’s why you’ll need security and compliance specialists for chat application development. The main difference between those ways lies in the data transmission method. In the first case, the messages are passed through the server, in the second — from user-to-user.

  • The difference lies in the app availability of the app across the majority of platforms simultaneously or individually for each operating system.
  • Sharing location is handy feature users take advantage of quite frequently.
  • I’m a huge proponent of leaving the arduous task of choosing a tech stack to CTOs and lead architects.
  • Factors like cross-platform development, advanced feature requirements, and scalability (all discussed below) can quickly multiply the project’s time and cost.
  • For example, the Wickr app makes recovery of self-destructing messages impossible even with the help of specialized software.
  • So yes, it’s certainly worth investing in chat app development if you have an idea that offers something radically different from WhatsApp and other IM apps like Viber messenger, etc.
  • Finally, we must be wary of slow internet connections and older device models to welcome a broader audience to our chatting app.

Its developers believe that the Linux system is more bug-creating, which is a somewhat debatable statement. The general idea is to go for open-source technologies, which prevent building everything from scratch. Instead it is possible to use existing well-proven libraries and frameworks. Also, one of the most common product architectures is a software bundle of LAMP.

State of the Art Voice & Video CallingUnlimited Text & Media Sharing

It’s easy enough to build chat for a single platform, but time, cost, and technical challenges multiply when you need a consistent experience across all of these platforms. Each platform presents its own unique obstacles and requires a different developer skill set. You’ll need to invest equally in development across each platform or risk delivering a disappointing and inconsistent experience. This retention problem underscores the importance of investing in a stellar chat app user experience.

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